Frequently Asked Questions


Can I watch my child during class?

Due to high volume of parents and lack of space, we ask parents to drop their students off for class. This also helps the students focus better during class. Don't fret you can still see your little one perform in one of our bi-annual showcases.

Does my child need to have gymnastic or dance experience? 

NO! Your child does not need any prior experience coming into class. Although, it does help with the development of the circus arts to be well rounded in dance and gymnastics.  We cover all disciplines including ground acrobatics and dance. 

Is there a payment plan?

YES! Of course we have a payment plan and it is broke up into monthly payments? 

What if my child can't attend the weekday classes? Is there a weekend kid class?

YES! There is an aerial silk class that is mixed level, mixed ages on Saturdays at 11a-12:00p & 12:00-1:00p. Check the prices/schedule out for details! 

Do you do private lessons and can I bring my child's friend? 

YES and YES! We do private lessons for all types of disciplines including specialization in Performance Level. 

Do you do act creation?

Absolutely! We can work with your child to create an "Out of this World" Circus Act. This takes pure determination and lots of training. These acts can be for entering into competitions and circus festivals to win a medal (out of country). This can also be for future professional paid jobs. Age is not discriminated.

Do you offer Adult Classes?

Yes absolutely! Check the schedule for details and more info.