Stretch N Flex

This class focuses on stretching and injury prevention.
~This class is specifically great for anyone wanting to increase overall flexibility.

~Enhance performance whether you partake in Cross Fit or a Gymnastics and Dance.

~Anyone suffering from pain in the hips, knees, feet, back, etc.

Personal Training or Small Group Training

Great for anyone wanting to get into shape. Lose weight or maintain fitness and health. You can train by your self or with a small group of people. 

★★Every class at FFAA is progressive & expects each individual to progress at their own pace. Higher level classes will be added once classes progress.  Every class is an ALTERNATIVE WORKOUT from the traditional gym workout. The recreational classes are designed for the common person & everyone is invited.  This is a non-judgement facility in which we pride ourselves on inspiring others.

​​★Creating a platform for alternative fitness & the Aerial arts
Empowering others one day at a time!

 Fitness Classes & Programs 

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